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Introducing an exquisite work of art in the form of a ring – a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The stunning leaf design of the band gracefully wraps around your finger, framing the centerpiece – a captivating flower that takes center stage. At the heart of this enchanting bloom, a radiant solitaire diamond glistens and sparkles, adding an exquisite touch of brilliance to the ensemble.

* Gold KT: 14K solid gold
* Stone Cut: Round
* Number of Stones: 1
* Total Diamond Weight: 1/4 carat or 4mm
* Width of Band at the top: 4.5 mm
* Diameter of Flower: 8.4mm
* Height of Ring at Flower: 6.5mm
* Width of Shank at the Bottom: 2.5mm
* Natural Diamond Color/Clarity: G-H Color SI-VS Clarity

Please note: Once you place the order, we will message you and ask if you'd like the ring in two tones of gold or in the one tone you selected.

Return policy: Sizes below 5 and above 8 are special orders and not returnable.